Back In The Game

Life used to happen fast. So I thought. And then I worked a job and went to college and life got faster. I got married and it steadied. But then we moved and life got fast again. Pregnancy made the months seem slow. And then sweet Annie was born and the days were long. So, so long with a newborn. And yet at night in bed I'd look back and wonder where the time was to do things like laundry and showering. You know the story. Your kids shoes are on backwards and you forgot to brush your own teeth. But it's true. Everyone jokes about it because it happens to everyone. A couple years passed and life seemed to become what I made of it. Annie rocked to a certain rhythm and I - God willing - could plan my days and get things done. But then we went from a small remodel to a giant house remodel. And Quig came. Quig came screaming, guys. Kicking and screaming. This kid's got lungs.

So now life is back to where I wonder at night whether we can stretch the laundry one more day and have enough clean underwear for everyone in the morning. Jesus' mercies are new every day. But dirty clothes are not.

I wake up lately and expect to get so much accomplished each day. I wait for perfect opportunities to slip in a project. But they never come. Bums me out. When will the windows ever get painted? When will we ever fix the wall? And the last thing I've had time to squeeze in is blogging. Sadly, though. Because I'd love to look back at all we've done with this house and remember the small, somewhat precious things. Like when the marble countertops were an 1/8 inch too close in the kitchen and our stove didn't fit.

Or like the time last month our elderly neighbor stopped by with her dog who ran around the house and peed three times in three rooms. Then peed on our Christmas tree. You know - just for good measure. (Dear Rufus, you are officially uninvited from our house ever again.)

Then a call came in last week. To my dad - who is our general contractor. Someone drove by, saw his remodeling sign, called his office and said they were interested in buying our house.
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