The Patch

Just came on to say that I didn't cherish the autumn days enough. Now it's cold. So cold. And leaves don't crunch under our feet on walks because they've all been swept away by now.

The city's trees seemed to turn in stages this fall - not all at once. Armour Hills and then Southmoreland. Parts of Mission Hills and up to Fairway. Skipped a few blocks and spread throughout the Westside. A lot of leaves had browned before our neighbors' ever went red. And I kept waiting for that full-fledged golden glow, but the longer I waited, the colder it got.

There was that day though. Our two families split - the boys tucked in one car, and the girls in another. Out beyond city limits, we crawled into the country. Hopped on hay bales thrown atop tractor beds. Rolled past pumpkins and straw.

And on that day all the trees were all aglow. Every one. And I only took one picture before the less majestic glow of my camera battery flickered - and died.

Anyway, here's that one picture. And here's me wishing it was autumn every day.

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