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Wow, it's already March and I never shared my dad's gift for Christmas this year. Or rather, my sister's gift to my dad.  She gave him a trip to London. (And you thought I was an overachiever making a quilt. Who's the suck up now?) Anyway Kristin had me photoshop some pictures for him to open in a photo album on Christmas morning in lieu of an actual plane ticket.

Here was the story that he read first:

Once upon a time....

Little Jimmy grew up in America and had a wife and three kids there. He was silly and thought that nothing existed outside of America. 

But then one of his daughters went off and lived in Switzerland. And then his wife visited her. And then another of his daughters and her husband went over and visited this far off land. 

Little Jimmy's parents had been abroad. And his brothers had been abroad. And his friends and his neighbors and his accountant and his electrician and his nieces and nephews had all been abroad. We don't want to embarrass little Jimmy, but even his 9 month old granddaughter had been to Europe. 

Kristin felt so sorry for little Jimmy having never seen Europe that she figured the least we could do was create some fake memories for little Jimmy to cherish of his pretend trip abroad.

And this is what she imagined he did on that trip...

She looked at the pictures and realized what a fabulous time he would have on a REAL vacation to Europe. SO WHAT IS A DAUGHTER TO DO??


Pretty cleaver, huh.

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