Mountain Air

Before the whirlwind of homeownership was in full throttle, John, Annie and I got away for a week to Colorado. We had about five ways to schedule this trip as far as what life altering events to squeeze it between - potty training, moving out of a condo, being homeless :), moving into a house, having a newborn. You know, the youzhe. In the end we snuck the trip in a few hours after moving out of our condo. Yep that's right. On a Wednesday we packed our condo into a POD and the following morning at a ripe 3AM we hit the road. Just ripe enough to hit a 3 car wide brigade of highway patrolmen slowing traffic down on 1-70 from 70mph to 10mph in order for a crew of workers to bring on equipment and block off lanes. Nothing like getting a headstart on your trip only to be the VERY FIRST car stuck behind this hour long delay. At 3 in the morning. With a 2 year old. If only I hadn't run back inside to go to the bathroom before we piled into the car that morning. If only we'd packed the cooler the night before. If only John didn't make that cup of coffee. We could have been one car farther along that morning and never known the bad luck befalling our fellow travelers trailing us on the road. If only...

But otherwise the drive went well. Would you believe me if I said we woke Annie up at 3 am and she did not nap again until 4:30 in the afternoon as we pulled into town? Well, believe me or not it's true. This girl must have been darn ready to see the mountains. Cause her eyes stayed wide open the whole boring time.

And you also better believe that she didn't let John and I sleep either. I never got more than five minutes in before I'd hear a 'mommy, mommy, wake up!'

We spent the first half of our time in Snowmass, Colorado where I've been blessed my whole life to spend vacations. Thursday nights are free concerts on the mountain - which is why we busted our butts to get there so early. 

I think I maybe heard half a song. Most of the time was spent chasing our runaway daughter.

The word 'stop' means nothing to her. Neither does 'freeze.' Neither does 'come back.'

It's glorious. An obstinate child who takes absolute pleasure in disobedience.

But, gosh, we love her.

And John loves her even when she pees on his khaki shorts. That's unconditional, my friends.

Rest we needed and rest we got on this trip. The rain wasn't shy and we spent a good chunk of time inside watching movies and cooking. Always cooking. And cleaning. And cooking more. And picking up after sweet Annie whose joy in life seems to be making messes.

But a few days we got out. Took the gondola up to Elk Camp for their family night. Packed picnic lunches and dinners cuz cheap is our middle name.

Wondered why when we brought our jackets, we melted in the heat and when we stepped out in shorts and left the jackets behind, we froze.

Annie took a whole two steps on a Strider bike before she decided she was NOT into it. But she looked darn cute for those two steps.

And then hippie girl and her too-cool-for-school sunglasses went flower picking down the mountain with dad.

Thankfully, the skies also cleared for about half of the Aspen Art festival. And it's official. Our daughter is a dog whore. She thinks she loves dogs. And she bolts when she sees one, desperate to pet them. But she's barely laid a hand on their backs before she's spied another and is running to it.

You think I'm kidding but I'm not. There were even times when her hand wouldn't even make it to their backs - just float a few inches from their fur - because she was so distracted searching for the next canine.

And luckily for Annie, dogs are about as prolific as Range Rovers in Aspen. You can't go half a block without seeing three.

We also made it up the gondola to the top of Aspen mountain for the inevitable photo-op. I think we have about a dozen family pictures in front of these very mountains from over the years. So here's the most recent...

And despite the misting rain, we listened to a classical concert before lunch.

Oh and here's the one and really the only artist at the art fair that had me seriously considering a purchase. I lurved these paintings. And I'm still bummed that I didn't go for it. But I couldn't decide between the one on the top left and the one on the top right. And we wanted to feel 100% before making the commitment. If Annie is a dog whore, I'm a bit of an art whore. I love something. I buy it. I hang it. And within three years, I'm ready for something else. Not quite the mentality one ought to have when investing in fine art! So I resisted in the absence of total clarity (and the presence of a disagreeing husband).

And then I stumbled upon this rug and once again almost succumbed! But thankfully I'm married to a man who makes me slow down a bit before whipping out a credit card. Sadly, we came home empty handed from Aspen.

But on our way out Annie had one last frolic in the fountains.

And one last swing in the park. Kansas City, you offer many things. But parks with views like this, you don't have. And oh how hard a truth that is.

So after four days in Snowmass we took Kebler Pass to Crested Butte. But not without a few potty breaks. Talk about a nice view!

I wish I could upload all the fabulous pictures we took in Crested Butte...but we didn't take any. Or very many, anyway. But for sure, that was the highlight of our week. Hanging out with Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jesse in what has to be the most beautiful town in Colorado. And usually I'd say the opposite just to spite my sister :) But Crested Butte is undeniably gorgeous.

Someone - anyone - please offer John a job he can't refuse so we can live out there. And evenings watching music on the mountain can just become our normal Wednesday night!

But even here the rain followed us. So we did some pretty stylish wardrobe alterations to accommodate the weather. But this girl can rock anything.

But being adorable can be exhausting. And Annie passed out hard at naptime. 

And couldn't quite make it to getting dressed after a bath before she was drifted off. Presh. 

But a girl can wake up anytime if it means Aunt Kristin is treating you to a breakfast of homemade donuts and freshly baked chocolate croissants before heading back to Kansas City.

So that was our trip. More or less. Less, really. Because there was so much more. There was a stop in Denver to catch up with my hostess with the mostest aunt and her family. And a big, exhausting, expensive trip to Ikea. But this is all you get when a pregnant, busy mama with a broken laptop trackpad waits three weeks to write about a trip. 

And now, as you know, we're back. And in the thick of a home remodel. And homeless. Sort of. Except we get to live in a beautiful home with my parents. But it's not our own and we're anxiously waiting for the day we the three of us get to become the four of us under our own roof! 

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