Before and After: Porch Turned Mudroom

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with interior design and remodeling, I'll be sharing the beginnings of the posts here at We Are the Brewers. 
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Part of my job that's my favorite is going out to get pictures of the projects we've completed. You get to skip the blood, sweat and tears and just embrace the 'after.' Lucky for me, it brings me into some pretty dang inspiring spaces. Last month I went out with a photographer and captured some shots of a laundry room and mudroom we finished this past year. I'm not sure if this before and after is actually more dramatic or less dramatic given what a transformation it was. It's basically an altogether different room. But nonetheless! Prior to the remodel, the room was - get this - an exterior screened in porch...

And with a lot of imagination and creativity on the part of John Wind, the architect, we were able to turn that porch into this covet-worthy mudroom and laundry room...

To see the rest of this picture and another of the laundry room, jump over to Scovell Wolfe's blog! There's also a list of online sources in the post's mood board so you can recreate this mudroom in your own home. Because, hello, who wouldn't want to recreate this mudroom?? Ok, maybe not you just yet, but that's only because you haven't seen the rest of the picture. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading my rambling and Click the link!

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