paint party turned e.r. visit

While I was busy trying to turn this room:

into this:

I got a phone call from my babysitter (read: parents) that my baby girl was having an allergic reaction to edamame and to start walking down to St. Luke's and meet them at the emergency room. (read: PANIC!)

So I dropped this:

and walked, no RAN to St. Luke's to see this:

That's my dad holding his favorite (also only) grandchild. What you can't hear is his iPhone blasting the White Stripes and what you also can't hear is him singing to her and what you sadly can't see is them dancing around the hospital room together.

He loves that baby.

John tells me that all emergency rooms move like molasses in January unless you aren't breathing and are about to die. But, man, does it feel like you wait for four days when you have your precious baby in your hands in pain and scared. 

Thankfully, she's fine. The doctor came in with a syringe full of prednizone for me to squeeze into her mouth. He thought that as her mom I would be most effective at doing it. Ha. Instead of into her mouth, I somehow missed and squeezed the whole thing down her chin and onto her shirt. Oops. So we had to wait for them to refill the prescription. I wonder how much money I wasted with that mistake...

Jesus is a healer (and let's face it, her allergy isn't that bad) but thanks be to God that we had a baby looking like this again by the end of the night. You can't take that for granted. 


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  1. Kylie... I love your blog!!!! My husband is out of town... which means time to catch up on blog reading.... I saw your post on facebook and found your sweet family blog.... And I am listening to your very interesting and talented husband while I read... He has had an adventure of a life... You look beautiful and that sweet Annie is precious!!! We are praying for babies right now and are patiently (most of the time) waiting for the Lord to give us one or two :)!! I see the Higgin's Family often at church and I think of you every time I see them... Hope you are doing well!!


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