snapping around KC

It's amazing how many afternoons we waste inside of our apartment because we lack the motivation to just walk out our door and down the stairs. So on Tuesday when I told John that I needed to find some high resolution photographs of Kansas City on the Internet to blow up for our building's hallways, he convinced me to make an outing of it and take the pictures myself.

 If only I knew more about my camera.

 But he was inspired, so we headed to the River Market. 

I know I was supposed to take pictures of the city line, but look how adorable my family is. I swear, this kid is going to get whatever she wants in life because we are both too weak to ever say no. She melts us.

What you can't see is the couple in the background who ought to have booked a hotel room. They probably imagined they'd found a quiet, unknown lookout spot to get it on, but no, not with my child around. She is what you call extroverted. We've told her it's rude to stare, but she won't listen. She'd just shove a huge piece of watermelon into her mouth and then wave at them insistently.

"bye, bye" she'd say and then point at them with her little finger and scream "daddy!" No, Annie that strange man with lipstick smeared on his face is not your daddy. 

After our watermelon picnic overlooking the old airport was over we started scouting other places to photograph.

This is the stunning sculpture in the Filling Station's yard. 

But, alas. Then came laziness. Getting a one year old out of car for five minute stints and then putting her back into her carseat - rinse and repeat four times - is exactly what I think of as a real bad idea. 

 Thus the remainder of the photographs taken from the open window of a moving car...

I always wondered how photographers took great shots with the sun piercing through. And what do you know? I manage to take one at 40 mph with a single snap of the camera. 

Could I ever go back and get another like it? Absolutely not. That is called luck.

And this face is called perfection...


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