On flipping and flopping and other such things

Big Cedar Lodge. If you haven't heard of it, listen up. If you haven't seen it, look. If you haven't been, go. It's at times the scene of crazy beautiful weddings like my cousin Jennifer's this fall. Watch this video. It'll be good for your soul. But be careful. The Lord commands us not to covet. And covet this wedding you will. So promptly repent. (By the way, she married a professional bull rider. Who does that? Cool people, that's who.)

Luke + Jen from Something Blue Cinema on Vimeo.

At other times, in between the minivans full of Kanakuk families and cabin after cabin packed with vacationers, Big Cedar is the backdrop which becomes the foreground on a hundred artists' canvases. And on one such occasion - Plein Air Paint Out 2012 -  my mom and cousin Laura road tripped down to Tablerock Lake to watch them all break out their oils and acrylics. Needless to say, after a full weekend of watching art made, Laura was inspired to boldly paint some herself. 

Thus our enrollment in Artichoke's Abstract Acrylics workshop last month. 

And yes, if you are wondering, when a wedding video is as darling as the aforementioned and aforeshown, any good lady can find a way to weave it into an utterly unrelated post. BOOM. We're in the middle of my story's part 2 and you're still wondering how you can lure your husband into renewing his vows. Bam, thank you ma'am. 

Anyway, here we are. Following the Plein Air weekend, Laura invited me to do this class with her. And I'll be frank. We probably should have taken a happy hour first. The creativity was a little hard to squeeze out as we stared at our white canvases. A cocktail would have helped. Live and you learn. 

Let me tell you a secret. Each of our paintings are based off of the very same image. Huh, maybe one of the two of us did take a happy hour prior to class.

Moral of the story here is that anyone can paint. And everyone should paint.

I didn't think I'd hang mine. I usually throw things I make into the back of the closet until a few months later when I pull it out again only to paint something new over it. But this time I don't totally hate it. So I hung it on our nice new white wall.

The best part about abstract art is you can often turn it upside down and get a fresh new look. You can also pull a Kylie and turn NON-abstract art on its side, completely to the dismay of the artist, I'm sure. Sorry, Marjolyn van der Hart.

But, again, a little flip flop never hurt anyone. Except when it did and tonight Annie totally flipped over a big toy and smacked her bum to the ground. A flip and a flop and a huge rush of tears.

"Abstract" as it may be when I painted it, I've decided to name it Touch Down. Because I love the NFL. Who dat. Or, really, because upside down I think it looks like a red tornado touching down on a field in the middle of an electrifying storm. 

So there you have it. From a gorgeous wedding to slapping up some paint.


  1. Your Aunt Jeanie was right!!! Fun Blog! Every time I see that wedding video, I grin from ear to ear!!!
    I am one of the artists that participated in the Big Cedar Plein Air! I can't say enough about the Morris family and Big Cedar! What a pleasure just to be there and the art week, well, wow what a bonus!!!
    I see much artistry in your future Kylie! I love your painting. It works in every direction but in one, I see a red alligator. I think his name is 'Roll Tide Red'!
    I'll be reading your blog if you promise to keep painting!
    xoxo, Chris

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm! I'm kicking myself for not going with them to watch Plein Air this year, but I'll definitely make it a point to tag along next year!

  2. Kylie, Wow what a great painting! Chris is right - you have a great eye for abstractness and color! I love your flip flop and that Is what is so appealing about the painting! I see something in each flip and each flop!!! And I love red - so beautifully placed in your painting- brings your eye right into the painting! Your blog is generate and inspirational as I have been working on creating one too! Thanks!

    Chris & I were at Big Cedar together painting and your Auntie Jeannie is the best! Love the wedding video to! Keep writing and keep painting! Maybe next time we come we can all paint together! What fun! Dee

    1. I just got to see some of your work online. Great stuff! I'd love to paint together sometime - I'm in MAJOR need of instruction!

  3. Jeanie said I should check this out. Great Blog, and love your attitude toward painting and art. Keep it up and you will go places.


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