18 Merry Months of Joy, Peace and Jesus

I'm a broken record. But, yes this monthly is coming at ya a whole month late! Maybe I ought to just scratch her birthdate out on her certificate and say she was born in July to make everything align. Probably not. It's sort of akin to when we tried to change her name a month after she was born and shyed away when we saw the court fees. Goodbye forever, Aniston.

Gosh darn it. Isn't she precious? This was BY FAR the most fun time we've ever had doing this. I usually spend the first few minutes where she's crying - sorry grandmas - to adjust my camera settings. But this girl was so on fire with her modeling that I went straight to the little green auto button and got going. Couldn't pass this stuff up. (I remembered later why I never do that...Hello, over-exposure!! Also remembered why I never draw the text in the middle of the page...)

But so that I never forget, here's what was really going down on that butcher paper. Girl got her song on.

But in the end, I contend that there's no clear winner.

By the way:
Here's last month's picture HERE!
And here are all the pictures HERE!

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