More than you wanted to know: Part 2

Note: Read the first half of this post here.

Three months, three spools of thread, a couple broken needles and a lot of headaches later, the quilt is done. Praise the Lord.

Annie tried to pop in all the pictures I took of the quilt, like she made the dang thing. What nerve.

But who can resist her cuteness? She can have all the credit.

When I left off yesterday, I'd reached the point where my piecing was done, my layers were basted and the actual quilting began. I ended up loving free motion quilting. I went with a "pebble" shape because it seemed on the easier end for an ambitious beginner. I used white thread on top and navy bobbin thread which I guess was kind of cool for the flip side....except not really.  I'm not in love with the back, but it's alright. Next time I would have chosen bobbin thread identical to the backing fabric. Also, I'm retarded and I threw away my instruction manual for my machine. I figured it would be online. Everything is online! Not this, my friend. Unless you want to cough up $19.95 for the PDF. So I stupidly attempted to adjust my tension dials but couldn't figure out what was what and went full force with bad tension. So my bobbin thread shows through on the front of the quilt. Something had to give. I was racing against the clock. I had a baby to feed and a dog to walk.

On the right you can see where I sewed in the "tag." The plan was to smack it on the back, but whateves. Plans are for normal people.

Speaking of, here are the other blocks I made on Photoshop. Being as it was a gift for John's dad and stepmom, I wanted to include the names of all their children and children's spouses, kids, etc.):

These close ups are too close up. Promise they look better in person.

Oh yeah, here's the quilt! Again, looks better in person.

And here's the back with my navy blue bobbin thread and those random quilt squares from an old, never finished Kaffe Fasset project. 

In keeping with the theme of the present, I bundled up the quilt for Christmas and wrapped it in...why, more fabric, of course.

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