Been Going On

Sorry, life happened. So, the blog hasn't.

I've instead been spending time doing time-consuming things like taking my sister's company's website from this:

to this:

Click here and check it out. And then plan a trip out to Crested Butte and let them pick you up at the airport. BOOM. Spring break: PLANNED. You're welcome.

And I've been working on a little collaboration to whip this room at our church into shape. Adios, pink mantel.

Here's some of the proposed design we came up with:

And there are oh so many other things that I've been up to these last few silent weeks. 

I surprised John with a packed car and we went away as a family for the weekend a little while back. We bounced on a trampoline, threw lots of rocks into the lake and drew sidewalk chalk in the street. Clearly, Annie dictated all of our activities. 

We came back and Annie got dedicated at Church.

John turned....gasp...33. 

Our downstair's neighbor called to say that their ceiling was wet and sagging and we realized we had a leak under our sink. Lovely.

And more. Much more. But there's a glimpse, for now, of what's been going on.

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