Top Ten Remodeling Afterthoughts

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It seems that at the anniversary of every completed project, clients have found themselves in love with some unexpected piece of their home. Sure, they love the heated floors just like they knew they would. And there was never any doubt that adding a third car garage was going to pay dividends both to the value of the home and the ease of family logistics. Hello, my name is Kylie and we are addicted to children's lawn toys. If you have an extra tricycle, forget the fact that we already own one we don't use - yes, please bring it over. And the carriages you latch on to the back of your bike to cart around your kids are my favorite. We own two. We've used one. Once. Inside the house the day we got it. Two years ago. However, we're happy to eat up an additional 14 square feet of garage space storing yet another. Point is, no one is surprised at how lovely adding an additional garage can be. But there always seems to slide into view an underdog. Some part of the house the owner wasn't so sure they'd like, and now can't live without.

So here's a list of the top ten things that homeowners would do all over again. But that almost didn't happen in the first place.

#10 A LOG LIGHTER. Unless you're married to an eagle scout, good luck starting a fire. Heck, I basically am married to an eagle scout, and it's still tough to start a fire. And my poor daughter's art projects get used as tinder. So if you're going to pay to have your chimney liner replaced or whatever it is that'll make your fireplace operable, tack on a few extra bucks to....click here to continue reading this post

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