Under Foot: Flooring For Every Taste

***This post is part of a series of home-related blog posts that I will be writing for Scovell Wolfe and Associates, Inc. 
- a residential remodeling and custom home builder in Kansas City. Given my personal blog often dealt 
with interior design and remodeling, I'll be sharing the beginnings of the posts here at We Are the Brewers. 
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For better or for worse, there are so, so many decisions to be made during a remodel. Not the least of which is what to put beneath your feet. And there are no less than a million bajillion choices to choose from. (Just in case you thought you'd be overwhelmed.) But in this sea of options, sometimes you need to just stick to your guns and go with a classic. Because whoever said classic had to be boring? 

Let's take a little 'walk' over some go-to flooring. 

1. HARDWOODS. Duh. But there's so much more here than meets the eye. Just as there isn't but one way to skin a cat, believe me, there isn't just one way to have hardwoods. I, for instance, stained our old Brookside tudor's hardwoods darker than dark chocolate. Just how dark? Let me paint a visual - when the kids jack the floor with their toys, I use a black Sharpie to hide the scratches...to read the rest of this post click here. 

***This post has been sponsored by Scovell Wolfe and Associates, Inc. 
However, all opinions and bad jokes are my own.***

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