Defining Your Design Parameters

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I heard an interview once with designer Jonathan Adler about what advice he would give to someone decorating or remodeling their home. He mentioned this concept of choosing three words that you would like to define your space. And then, whenever you’re at a crossroads deciding what rug to buy, what shade of paint to choose, etc. you can evaluate your decision based on whether it falls under the umbrella of your defining words.
What kind of words? Things like rustic, traditional, relaxed, bright

A few weeks later I read another interview - this time with the actress Julianne Moore in a piece she did with Architectural Digest. She, in another way, mentioned this same idea of intentionally defining and limiting yourself within your decorating. Instead of three words, she has five colors. If something isn’t either black, white, grey, purple or green, she won’t buy it. Yes, sounds like a horrible mix of colors. But look how it plays out.

Pretty stunning, really.

So all of this has stayed nestled quietly in the back of my mind. My husband and I briefly flirted with the idea of naming our three words for the home we were creating, but we never settled on anything definitively. I think my words would have landed somewhere in the vicinity of naturalcomfortable, and clean. With a little punch. And maybe some weird mixed in there. Oh, and I can't forget layered. That's perhaps the most important. Okay, so I have six words. My husband would probably prefer it if I added the word AFFORDABLE to my list. But what a buzz kill that would be.

Anyway, several years back, Scovell Wolfe partnered with a client to build this incredible home near Meyer Circle in Kansas City. 

We finally snagged some finished pictures of the interior and we’ve spent all week gawking out how cool it turned out...to see these pics and read the rest of this post, click here!

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