Powder Room UPDATE!

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I’m about five months into a powder bath remodel. Clearly that’s a lot of what consumes my thoughts, so let’s talk about it.  Are you thinking way to push your personal agenda on this company’s website? Or are you thinking, sheesh, five months? Either reaction is perfectly fair! There’s no doubt that five months is an excessively long time. And it’s still not done. That’s what happens when you have two kids and you try to do things yourself. You end up in the gut stage for half a year. It’s also what happens when your dad owns the remodeling company and your projects keep getting chucked to the back of the line in favor of actual clients. Lame.
Anyway, my husband and I bought a Diebel tudor in Brookside, Kansas City last summer. In fact, I think we got possession right about this time last year. And the house was as full of potential as it was full of dated shag carpet and rippled wallpaper. I like to think of myself as having been around the block a few times when it comes to making house decisions. This is after all our 6th place in the last four years. So it ain’t exactly our first rodeo. Nonetheless, I naively believed that the bigger the house we bought, the more the rooms we had, and thus the more there’d be to decorate. And, uh hello, I’m all about more rooms to decorate. Unfortunately it turns out that buying a bigger house actually means having more rooms in the house that I can’t afford to decorate. Lame.
The powder bath fell into the category of a room that was super dated, but completely liveable, whereas the kitchen fell into the must. remodel. now. category. Initially, I told John if he’d just paint the yellow and black tile white and strip the wallpaper in the bathroom, we’d make it work indefinitely.

Well, I was wrong. I loathed this room. We all did. We found ourselves not even using it. So, back in February while I took the kids to go visit my aunt in Arizona, John gutted the bathroom...to continue reading this post click here.

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