this most precious gift

I no longer have to wonder what those moms feel like whose child is throwing an absolute temper tantrum in a restaurant. I was that mom today. At thirteen months! I didn't realize kids could be so rotten, so soon. It was brutal. The restaurant was nearly empty save for the business meeting going on at the table next to us. Brutal, I tell ya. 

I walked her home and after putting her down for a much needed nap, I reminisced. When I'm overcome with a hopeless impatience, I remember how smitten and mesmerized and joyful we were when we first brought her home. 

Whereas I couldn't wait to leave her in her room this afternoon for a nap, I used to hate to ever walk out. We'd stand there in awe at this blessing. 

As she grows up and the ante is upped from throwing bite sized food at restaurants to wrecking the car and beyond, I hope I never forget this most precious gift and how we love her so.
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