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A lot has been accomplished since we first began Annie's room. Of course, there was a minor delay due to the unexpected run to the E.R. But focus soon shifted back to her nursery, and progress was made. Brick has been painted. So has the ceiling, the trim around the windows, doors, and baseboard. I couldn't be happier with it. I LOVE WHITE PAINT. And the rug we snagged in New Orleans for a total bargain in front of our favorite mexican restaurant on Magazine Street has been now been laid on the floor. We initially had only vacuumed it out before we put it down when we bought it last year. Now that Annie is crawling though and now that she puts EVERYTHING IN HER MOUTH, we bit the bullet and paid to have it professionally cleaned. No joke. You could buy a brand new rug from Target with the amount of money you spend getting a rug cleaned! But it's worth it to know that the decades of dust and dirt are gone.

Now I'm on to hanging pictures - like the one below done by my very talented Aunt Jeanie. (check out more of her stuff here)

Still ahead is figuring out a solution for this terrible mess of a closet. It used to have cheap plastic mirrored doors. They looked awful and only allowed you to open one side of the closet at a time. The space is small as it is and those doors drove me crazy! I ripped them out a few years ago and have never since decided on how to enclose it. 

But it's getting out of control! I must do something soon! Here's what I am thinking - a cornice with drapes beneath so we have the option of hiding the closet, but without all the work and money of installing doors. Plus, with doors we'd need clearance space to open them - SPACE WE DON'T HAVE! 

Ansley Park - Liz Williams Interiors
So, yes, our work is still very much cut out for us. But a few pictures are getting hung. So many decisions still left to make. I love to decorate, but this is the third nursery we've had for Annie - all using the same things. You want to try to make it unique each time but you find yourself stuck in a rut of what you've done before. Let's hope I can be bold and make it different. (check out pictures of the nursery in New Orleans and Branson here and here)

Maybe by Christmas I'll have an official AFTER shot for you. But let's not hold your breath. The whole cornice board/drape concept is going to take some major motivation and determination to come into reality. Luckily, I have fabric that I bought for Annie's nursery in New Orleans from Thom Felicia's line that I STILL haven't used. It was a splurge and I'm afraid to mess it up. These are pictures I took when I first brought the fabric home in New Orleans - 18 months ago. (side note: I was cleaning out a forgotten storage bin at my parents' house this weekend and found several yards of another splurge fabric I bought TEN YEARS AGO that I have yet to use! I have a serious problem.) 

I did use the cream linen fabric with the birds on it for pendants in her first two nurseries. I certainly didn't start that whole trend, but over the last year it has become so popular in nurseries, that I can't decide if I want to hang it again. It seems too overdone and unoriginal now. 

Anyway, that's a quick round up of where we stand with the Kansas City nursery. Finished: paint, rug, room layout. To do: closet cornice board with drapes and finish hanging pictures. 

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  1. I love seeing Annie's little cute and colorful clothing so I don't' know if you should cover up the closet. I love the white paint too and the rug is great. Thanks for the link to my blog.....I guess I need to start painting again and post some new stuff.


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