fireplace painting

You know what my favorite thing to do is when the last thing I want to do is finish a project I've already started? It's to start a new project. And so a few weeks ago, when I was supposed to be putting on the final coat of paint in our kitchen, I instead gathered my brushes and went over to my friend Amy's house to paint her fireplace. And wouldn't you know - not only has the final coat of paint not been put on in my kitchen (three or four weeks later) but I haven't even finished her fireplace yet! Poor family! In my defense, I was planning on returning the next morning, but we came to the conclusion that given that the fireplace no longer works, the ugly gold screen ought to come off. And her husband, the engineer, had some concerns about asbestos, etc. So, several weeks later, the screen has yet to come off (though there's talk of that happening in the next few nights) and I have yet to sand and do the final coat.

In the meantime, here's the before:

And here's the current state it's in:

The fireplace may be the beginning of a larger room makeover for them. But Amy and her family have had the kind of year that's hard to believe with more physical injuries and surgeries than you can imagine. Add three kids to the mix and a volunteer painter who's bad at finishing things and your guess is as good as mine as to when things will get done! 

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