note from a stranger

Quick! Look out the window - pigs are flying. 

And I am finishing the paint in the kitchen. It's a crazy day, friends. It's only taken me
a good two months to wrap up the job AND I still have to garner the motivation for one last coat this afternoon. But whilst I was atop our refrigerator yesterday, I reached around with cat-like flexibility (ha.) to paint behind the cabinets and I saw this little diddy. Or is it a diddy? Maybe a curse? Or a proverb? Je ne sais pas. Too bad I don't know who Aaron Faber is either to track him down and ask.

But it actually made my hour. I began wondering how many kitchen walls this guy has branded in his painting days. Are we the only lucky ones with a note from the past? And I mean it when I say lucky. It's cool to be on the receiving end of someone's forethought. Or to stumble upon a hiding place beneath some old wood floor planks. Or between a cracked brick in the wall.  I only wish I knew what ours meant. Or how to find out.

And in case you are wondering, I most definitely left a little mark of our own for future owners to see, granted they ever have the audacity to repaint my much labored over white walls...and they better not. 

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