Look how handsome my handsome husband is.

By the way:

Anyway, my handsome husband has been in the market for new glasses since...forever. He just didn't used to know it. But his glasses have been lame-o since I've known him. And now with his new job, we have vision insurance! WOOT. WOOT. So off to Costco we went. Here's a little sampling. He'll be thrilled to know I plastered these iPhone gems all over the internet.

Anyway, he settled on what he calls 'the least offensive' and they'll arrive next week. In other words, he thinks that all the glasses I picked out are too trendy and that I'm trying to turn him into a hipster. Me? Turn my husband into something he's not? Please, people. I have never tried to manipulate any sort of change in him ever in my life. Except for that one time where within one year of dating he didn't own a single piece of clothing he owned upon meeting me. And that other time where there isn't a single piece of furniture from his old four bedroom house that we still own. Oops. 

In other news, the baby is altogether smitten with John. She fell asleep on his chest the other day after church. Look at that kid. 

Angelic, right? Except that little did we know the whole time she was asleep she dreamt of ways to terrorize the house. Behold:

Oh, baby. What to do? I know. Buy a new house. What? Yeah, I'm sort of on a let's buy a new house kick. Except that usually, within the hour, I've decided beyond a doubt that we should stay here in our apartment for another three years. Until dinner, because then I've changed my mind again. And on it goes. Call me panda. I'm black and white all day. Here's the house I wanted to buy.

Can it get uglier? I submit that it cannot. And yet I like it all the more. I called the real estate agent. It's under contract. Rats. And it sold for less than half of our would be house buying budget. Which means we could have thrown a hefty sum into a little renovation sensation. So mama's bummed and daddy's happy. He thought I was out of my mind and is glad to have it out of the question. 

Anyway, that's a little taste of our life lately. Except for the part where I took ecstasy and painted our entertainment center orange. WHAT?! No, I wish I had done something terrible and crazy like take ecstasy when I made the decision to paint our built-ins from black to orange. Because then maybe it would be understandable. But, I was stone cold sober in every sense of the word. It wasn't even a late night, fatigue-induced decision. It was a late morning, fully awake decision. Needless to say I'm just waiting for the weekend when John can go on baby duty and I can pick a more sane color with which to repaint it. I'd show you a picture of the orange cabinets. But I'm afraid that if I do you'd lose all respect for me. Think pepto-bismal meets orange sherbet. 

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