olympic glory

Oh, the Summer Olympics. You've made me such a bad mother. I know my daughter has a dirty diaper and yet I make her wait until a commercial break to change it. What's wrong with me? Sadly, it's just a warm up for the NFL football season. But, seriously, what's the deal? I'm not even athletic. Why do I love televised sports so doggone much? I don't know. But I'm concerned. Last year it was okay. I would just nurse Annie in my arms while I watched the Saints play. This year I may just instill a real bad TV watching habit in my daughter. But I'll make a vow. I will only have the TV on for football games. And the Voice. I heart music competitions. 

Anyway, all this Olympic nonsense and what do I end up with? An Olympic themed weekly picture, that's what. And what do you think I was doing while drawing this picture? Watching the doggone Olympics on TV. I really do know how to spell things. I promise. But somehow when you are watching Beach Volleyball with one eye and writing words with another, you spell medal with a t. And it's embarrassing. And you think, oh no prob. I'll just photoshop it out. Then you remember you're an absolute novice at photoshop, so everyone will know the truth. I spelled medal with a t. I'm a loser. Whateves. But you know, gold is in fact a meTal, people. Just melted into the shape of an Olympic meDal. So let's be nice and give me grace and act like you DON'T see the photoshopped text box.

Some day Annie will ask me what the weird pink and yellow shapes above the Olympic rings are. And I'll tell her that I haven't a clue. They were just plastered all over every Olympic arena in London. So let's roll with it.

But it'll be great. Because in the spirit of asking questions, I'll then ask her why at fourteen months she continues to NOT walk AND upon our insisting that she learns to walk, decides to take up thumb sucking instead. Yup. That's right. It's a new thing. Like, she never once sucked her thumb until last week. And now, instead of walking like her other fourteen month friends, she just lays on the ground like her four month old friends and sucks her thumb. It's awesome. 

Here's John saying 'Come on girl! You can stand!'

And Annie's like 'Oh, daddy. Don't be silly. I'll just lay here on the ground sucking my thumb. Now PLEASE give me my baby doll!'

And everything's right in the world again.

So John yanks the baby away and I snap the picture while the smile lingers...

It lasts but a moment. Enter thumb once more. And yes, if you're wondering. She often leaves her thumb in her mouth while taking bites of food, too. 

Let's be real. She only takes it out when reaching for baby doll. And when harassing our dog. And when pulling important breakables from tabletops. 

But as of just a few days ago, it mainly stays in her mouth. In fact, when I drew this picture last week, she had never sucked her thumb before. So she won the gold medal in CUTENESS. But, really, the picture should have looked more like this:

Even though we'd hoped it could look more like this:

Who am I kidding? This kid could crawl on the ground forever and we'd still be obsessed with her. As my dad says, she's the apple of our ear. Congrats on your gold, cheeks. No matter what you won it in. 

P.S. Check out all the weekly pictures here. And some more behind the scenes here.

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