From One to Four

Funny how the very reason that I started this blog - to keep up with happenings in our life and home - is the very reason I don't blog much - too much is happening in our life and home. We finally had our list scratched down to three or four afternoon projects: final coat of paint in the kitchen, finish the cabinet doors, hang pictures, last coat of paint on the brick in the dining room. We could see the end. 

And then SHEBLAM! Mama had an idea. More of a 'okay this built in piece that I had made five years ago just isn't working anymore.' No matter what I do. Redecorate the shelves. Paint the whole thing. Take off the glass front doors. It sill just wasn't speaking to me. And that's when it happened. SHEBLAM! Let's move it into Annie's new room! Oh wait, it's nailed to the wall? Whateves. We'll repair it! So our close enough to touch finish line hopped a few weeks farther down the road. It was a mere two hours before John's gig Friday night when I made him begin ripping the thing off the wall with me. I'm so glad he loves me. 

Except now our wall looks like this:

And half way into moving it into Annie's room, I decided to change directions AGAIN. We're going to leave separate each of the pieces that made up the whole unit. So we're going from one to four. (Pictures of the before will have to come in another post.) BUT, each piece was built custom to fit together so individually, they are not finished. Thus, we spent a chunk of time at the good old Home Depot while Annie munched on graham crackers:

Buying wood to finish - or 'cap' - the exposed ends. Now we'll have TWO freestanding bookshelves, ONE stand-alone dresser and....drum roll please....ONE PUPPET SHOW STAGE! Yup. I'm not even into puppets. But just wait and see. It will rock your socks off. If I'm good at anything, it's using what I've already got to make things work.

So here we go. I'm working my behind off sanding, fastening, priming, sanding and painting these end panels.

Hope to be back soon with an update!

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