Richard Diebenkorn

After the post a few weeks ago that walked through my long, fruitless journey to find art for Annie's room, I got an email from my aunt. She's one of those you-can-do-anything and get-things-done people. She told me to forget about going out and buying art, MAKE ART! Why didn't I think of that? Oh, I know. Because I'm a terrible artist and I never like anything that I do. But I gave it a go anyway. Despite how much I love art, I'm the farthest thing from creative. I don't know if this makes me a fraud, but I'm way into imitating art. Let's be real. It never looks like the original anyway. I doubt the artist would even recognize my version as similar - that's how bad they always turn out! But I need a jumping off point. 

So I picked these two paintings by Richard Diebenkorn from his Ocean Park Series. 

 Along the way, my renderings looked a little like this:

 and this:

I'm not real bad happy with where they are now. Heck, I'll never be happy. I lack what you might call talent. And who would have thunk it - talent is a rather integral element to successful art! 

You can't completely tell from the photographs but Richard Diebenkorn's paintings are COMPLEX. I truly don't even know how he went about painting them. Did he go in with pencil afterwards? Before? During? And he used oil, not acrylic. Some how all the imperfect lines and slivers of white between his shapes look intentional and well, beautiful. My imperfect lines look straight up far from perfect and well, unfinished. 

Anyway, I'm done for the moment. Once I finish painting Annie's new room and the built in bookshelves (this afternoon...fingers crossed) I might take another stab at making mine look better. My aunt generously let me borrow a few tubes of the main colors that I used so that I could keep at it. Here are some close up shots of where it stands in the meantime.

Full on shots to come when they're finished and framed. 

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