Annie vs. the Cob

Every once in a while, between coats of paint and moments of feeling majorly overwhelmed, the Brewer family sits down to eat. Except that with all the sewing I've been doing, our dining room table ain't too well suited for food. As of late, it's been more of a  no-one-get-near-the table-I-just-finished-pressing-fabric sort of table. Thankfully we had the foresight to build in the space for two barstools in our kitchen. Anyway, here's dinner a few nights ago. Annie met her biggest nemesis. A cob of corn. 

"guys, i got this. a cob of corn ain't no thang. look, my mouth is even already open. let's get 'er done."

"ah, so she's a slippery sucker. I can play that game."

"Just give me a second to focus. C'mon, hands and mouth. Pull it together."

"If only I could get my elbow into it."

"This cob is MEAN and I'll have NONE of it!"

"Except, I'm kind of still hungry, guys. Look how cute I am. Please help a sista out"

"This is brilliant! My kind of finger food!"

"And tasty, too."

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