Once we tore out the built-in over the weekend, we didn't have a home for our TV. That's actually a great thing, as we were tired of being constrained to using the made-to-fit TV section of the piece. It eliminated a lot of options in terms of arranging furniture. 

So the TV moved across the room to a desk. It make-a me crazy and it had only been a few hours. I want to scream every time I see those cords. And yes, those are good ole fashioned bunny ears on the left side of the desk. I'm cheap, people. Don't you know. Cable is for people not in ministry. Kidding. We love the Lord and we love John's salary. And 6 channels is plenty for us. 

Anyway, we decided to splurge, not wait until Christmas and go ahead and buy a wall mount kit for flat screens. It was super easy and only took a half an hour or so to do.

Obviously, in order for it to bear that kind of weight, it had to be screwed to a stud which meant the TV is a little off of center. But no biggie.

These are far from great pictures, but thar she blows for now. We have to bring an electrician in for an hour or so worth of work on the wall where the built-in was so we're going to have him drag the outlet up behind the TV and make the power cord disappear. Hallelujah.  And what's extra exciting is that we can twist the TV and see it from the kitchen, the living room or the dining room. That's like three TVs for the price of one! Ha! And our apartment is so little, that you can actually CLEARLY see the TV from all three of these rooms. I don't know if that's lucky or pathetic :)

Anyone notice the banged up bottom half of the center piece to the old built-in? Well since this picture was taken it's been paneled, primed and painted. And that white brick in the background needs a couple touch ups and we'll get to pull off the blue tape. The end is near, my dear family. I promise. 

One last exciting note to share. Maybe this is common knowledge, but we weren't privy to it before yesterday. We wanted to buy a more concealed antenna now that the TV would be so exposed up on the wall. We had settled on a $29.99 one that was flat and you could hide. BUT, John happened to peak around the back of a display TV and saw that someone had cleverly jammed a paper clip into the antenna jack to get basic channels. Praise God - it worked! 

It's a happy day here. The $29 antenna gets returned. Mucho cords are eliminated. John gets to see a project go from conception to completion in less than two hours (a record for me). And Annie gets to watch her cartoons again.

Wins all around. 

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