A Night Out

Saturday night we snuck away to the symphony. And I wore rhinestones. I know. You can't handle how ritzy we are. Symphonies. Fireworks. Live music at dinner. It was high class stuff, y'all. Hoity toity is my middle name. Except that it's not. And that in lieu of appreciating the orchestra, I counted every last chair in the Performing Arts Center. Those are some fine chairs, folks. For real, if you are going to count chairs, those are some spectacular ones to gaze upon.  

No, but truly. Don't offer me symphony tickets if you have an extra pair on hand. Because I'm about as trailer park as it gets when you put me in a room with fancy instruments. (But I'm a sucker for ballet, so I'll be your first call there.) My husband, however, was psyched to go. It was Brahm's 4th - a symphony that he listened to every night as a kid when his mom put him to bed. So while Annie got spoiled with her Nana, we got to spend the night on the town. 

Dinner at Cafe Trio. Symphony at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

And yes, you know it. Fireworks. Huh? It's October. But nonetheless, as we left the Center fireworks burst in the sky. Granted, this picture makes them look like they were going off in Nebraska, but in person, they seemed rather large, and rather close. Promise.

Anyway, it was lovely to spend time with John. And even though my ear for music isn't much improved, I thoroughly enjoyed imagining John as a little baby falling asleep to Brahm's 4th. Thank you, Mary.

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