Sixteen Months

What kind of mother subjects her daughter to agonizing photo shoots every four weeks? This kind of mother. Oh Annie, learn to like monthly pictures. They're your friend.  

Annie: "daddy, please pick me up. please don't make me do this. i'll be the most precious baby ever if you just pick me up."

"alright, fine. if you don't pick me up, then get out of my face. i'm not looking at you."

Don't be bashful about that tummy, Bo-dan. They say the camera adds ten pounds, but relative to your body weight, that's like adding ten ounces. Ain't no thang.

And, you aren't fooling anyone, darling. That smile looks painful. Try again, dear.

Screaming and crying will not get you out of this one, girlfriend.

Yep, that's right. Suck your thumb until you can pull it together. All I need is one shot, love. 

What? It's not tickling you? But my makeup brush ALWAYS makes you laugh! Why does everything laid back about you go out the window when a camera gets pulled out!

Ok, we're getting there. Make it a touch more believable, though.

And that's a wrap.

****To see more of these photo shoots click here, here, or here. And to see a compilation of all the final photographs, click here.

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