The Other Thirds

Last week, I catalogued the whole process of turning below-the-TV-drawers into an entry way chest. And maybe you wondered, what happened to its brothers? They were camping out in Annie's new (not old) bedroom waiting for some love. And a little love they did get. 

To refresh your memory, we started out with this entertainment center in our living room (not pictured in its glory days):

We yanked it off the wall and separated the heck out of it until we were left with four pieces. One found it's new home in our entry. One in the basement storage (poor soul won't get finished til we someday move and have the space. Unless of course, it gets stolen first) and two now sandwich Annie's crib. 

Just for fun, here are the two images floating in my head as I went about all this:

on pinterest

see this nursery here

Obviously, the bookshelves all started out black, but as you recall, I got high and painted everything "Fame Orange." No, fo reals, I don't do drugs. But you would have thought that based on the color I chose. I thought/hoped crossed my fingers that it would look nicer in Annie's gray nursery than it did in the living room. But instead I felt like I was swimming in blueberry and peach yogurt. Again, these kinds of descriptors may lead you to believe that I was on mushrooms at the time, but I assure you that I wasn't. The only thing I'm high on is Jesus. BOOM.

Anyway, here is where we began once the bookshelves relocated to her bedroom:

We did to these ends what we did to the middle third - nail boards to finish the sides.

I slapped some primer and high gloss paint on it (same color as the walls - Restoration Hardware's Slate):

I decided that they are way too short for her room (they were built to live beneath a rather large soffit in our living room so the height ain't too high). I also decided that I didn't like the upper doors (or really the glass IN the doors) anymore. I decided that I'd like more shelves than three and that I wished the piece was deeper, wider AND taller. I decided that none of that was going to ever happen except that I could remove the doors. So I did. And then I threw Annie's books and baskets of diapers up there and let the kid run wild.

I am thoroughly unsatisfied. Changes will be made. Wheels will hopefully start turning in my head soon and I'll get inspired. Until that day though, this is where we stand and it's going to have to be good enough. 

Oh yeah, here's his brother on the other end of the crib. Holla.

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